What should you play in online casino?

In online casinos most popular games are card based games like blackjack and poker. Poker is quite easy. If you play against computer, the odds are in your favor. No matter what cards you have, eventually you will probably be victorious. Playing poker against computer doesn’t make much sense. But playing it online for fun, against human opponents is a little bit trickier. Even if you don’t play for real money, there are a lot of experienced players who just play excellent. On Zynga’s poker, it is very hard to acquire first million. It’s easier afterwards, because most player’s bets are between 100k and 1m chips and it’s really impossible for an amateur or non-regular player to achieve something bigger.


On the other hand, playing it for real money on small bids is a little bit easier. For instance, it’s really easy if you play for small bets (max $40) , so you can get few hundreds of dollars certainly. It’s tough on higher bids, and only a professional can make it there. You need to sit there for a few hours, spend precious time and you should definitely arm yourself with a patience. Eventually, you will get some money.

blackjack_cardsPlaying blackjack for free is impossible. When playing for free, of course you are winning constantly but when you play for real money, things are starting to change. I am constantly thinking that things are set up in this way: you start great, you are in plus for 4, 10, 20 , 50 $ and when you try to bet really big, you lose then. When you try to get back to tactics of low bets, you are losing. In the end, you are on the 0. I am sharing a thought that I know when to stop, but I guess no one actually knows. There are a quite few people who have the ability to beat the system. When you play online against computer, things are just great but when you go in the online casino, things are very different. The best way is probably in the real casino.

2344297-pokerReally, how hard is to get three cherries or three “BAR” signs? Extremely hard. I don’t know anyone who makes money on the slots. Regular gambling can be evaluated and chances are chances but slots are completely different story. I have never experienced in my whole life that sound of metal coming down the tube in that loudly manner. Personally, I don’t think that slots should be played ever.

Roulettes are something that does make sense. I have discovered a way to bet it, but you need a lot of cash. The catch is in placing bet on the red or black field and if you lose you double the money. Only thing that can mess up is 0. The chances are almost 50:50 and you will always be in plus. It just takes time and patience.

Playing all of these games online is a different experience but there is so many games and it’s confusing sometimes. You should try everything, but the truth is that house will always win. You have nothing else but to play just for fun.