Online Casino Download Guide For New Players


Before even playing online casino games first that comes is installation of software required to play. Online Casino Download and installation processes can differ and can cause some confusion so here you will be able to walk step by step through two different Online Casino Downloads and installation processes. In brackets you will find possible issues that did not occur during these installations but can be found in similar download processes.

First download and installation process is for Online Casino Las Vegas, while the second one is for Sun Palace Online casino.

a4Online Casino Las Vegas download and installation by steps:

First step: On a homepage of this casino, find and click on a button that says “Download Now”. An exe file should be downloaded in your designated folder ( in some cases it will be zipped file. If that is the case, use WinRar or other appropriate program to extract exe file. )

Second step: When a file downloads, go in a download folder and double click on that file. A pop up window will appear where you are required to click run ( in some cases, you will have to provide administrator acknowledgement for process to continue ).

Third step: An Online Casino Las Vegas window should appear with a number of languages for you to choose from. Follow the instructions and choose your preferred language and after choosing, click button that says “next”.

a2Fourth step: Next window contains all terms and conditions of Online Casino Las Vegas. It is recommended that you read all of the terms, they hold all rules that you need to follow during your stay on the application. Not knowing all the rules, can lead to situations that can cost you your time and your money. After finishing simply click “next” and continue.

Fifth step: Now you just have to wait for it to download and install other components of the software.

Sixth step: Now when you casino is installed, simply double click on the icon on your desktop and choose with what kind of money you want to play, real or not.

Sun Palace Online download and installation by steps:

First step: click on “Download Now” on the homepage.

Second step: After downloading and double clicking on an exe fie, first of a few install shield wizard windows will appear. This window confirms the legitimacy of this software, you should click on a “next” button.

a3Third step: Second window should appear which allows you to do few things. First, you can decide where you want you casino installation folder to be, and second you can choose where you want to be able to start you casino app from.

Fourth step: Next window signs the end of installation and here you have an option to start your Sun Palace Online right after closing this window. It is up to you whether you start it now or later.

Fifth step: Final step of this installation comes when you open your casino for the first time, and that is creation of your account. After finishing this you can start playing your favorite games.

I hope these two installation guides will help you with installation of your casino apps. If you encounter any issues you can always contact customer support of your casino of choice.